What is ‘Mixing’?

Mixing is the process of enhancing the quality of every single track, so that the finished song sounds balanced, sonically. A mixing-engineer may carve out different frequencies in an instruments frequency response, to make space for another element. It’s the process of making space for every detail in your song, without unecessary frequencies clashing together. If a mixdown is bad, a track will be somewhat unpleasant to listen to. Even the song’s potential might be deprived, because proper care for each instrument had not been made to completion.

The mixing stage is therefore very important.

When working with Controlled Noise, we will involve you, being the artist, as much as possible into the process, finishing the mixdown together with you. Whether that is remote teamwork, or physically sitting in our studio, you’ve got the last saying.

Our job at Controlled Noise is to make everything even, bright and clear, making it stand out as you want it to. Maybe you want the mixdown to be radio-polished and ready for the big stations, or maybe you’re more into a specific kind of feel and sound of the overall track. We’ve got you covered with whatever you’re needs may be.

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