About Controlled Noise


Established in 2021, Controlled Noise is a production service, label and mixing and mastering studio run single-handedly by Emil Gintberg Jensen. With over 10 years of experience creating, writing, mixing and mastering music within a broad range of different genres, Emil has gone through the long road to become a selftaught musician, with a consistent love and passion, for great sounding music.

Controlled Noise’s main functionality is to mix and master new music and to release interesting music-oriented projects. Besides this, we’ve been involved within a number of commercial projects as well, creating the underlying music to commercials for brands. Therefore, Controlled Noise also offers uniquely produced music for your commercials. It is also possible to do smaller session-recordings at the studio in Aarhus, Denmark.

Communication is key

With Controlled Noise, besides achieving the best sounding product for our customers, the importance of making a customer feel comfortable with us, working on their music, cannot be stressed enough.

An important factor at Controlled Noise is GOOD communication. Otherwise, things will quickly leap into the abyss. Therefore, we have to be on the same wavelength;

Before any production will start, we’d like to have a conversation with our customers, whether it’s by meeting in person, calling or just chatting. We have to discuss the direction of your music;

Do you see it as a commercial work of art? Maybe it’s more of an artpiece for yourself, rather than for the mass? Perhaps both?

These are some of the many important questions that has a certain relevance for your music. By going through your thought-process and feelings behind your music in general,  we have got a starting point, which will help us set the direction to achieve the best results for you.

Get in touch with us.

Fill out our contact formula down below. We’d love to hear how we can participate in your project.

Phone: +45 93 30 13 47

e-Mail: cn@controllednoise.dk

CVR: 42408395